General Health Testing in Houston

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    When it comes to increasing quality of life, promoting your health and wellness is the most vital step you can take. At Medical Mobile Services, we make it easy for individuals to access the medical testing they need to monitor their general health. The lab tests we offer provide insight into the function and overall wellbeing of individuals at all stages of life. If you are feeling less than you best, our team can help you to determine which tests may provide beneficial insight into the function of your body. We offer a wide range of tests to support your wellbeing, wherever you are, whenever you are ready. We do everything from testing standards levels in the body to hormonal and glucose monitoring. 

    If you are ready to take control of your health, we can help! Contact our team today to learn more about the lab tests we offer and to schedule an appointment for your lab tests. Our team values your privacy by providing discreet services.

    Annual Check-Up Panel Testing Houston

    Our annual check‐up panel helps patients to monitor, track, and evaluate their overall health. This panel consists of 5 tests that are traditionally ordered by a physician at an annual physical examination. This lab test is an excellent tool to establish a baseline health evaluation. This includes checking your blood counts, kidney function, liver function, electrolytes, total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, and thyroid function. Knowing these levels will help you to manage your health and track changes as they develop. If you have not had an annual check-up, schedule yours with Medical Mobile Services.

    C-Reactive Protein Test in Houston

    This is a test that is done in order to measure the amount of C-reactive Protein (CRP) in an individual’s blood that indicates inflammation. The measure of this protein can help to determine the risk of cardiovascular disease in a patient. For best results, this test will be performed twice over two weeks, and the totals will be averaged in order to determine an individual’s risk for cardiovascular disease. While this test can indicate inflammation in the body, it can determine the location or source of the inflammation.

    Diabetes Maintenance Panel Testing Houston

    Our diabetes maintenance panel is used for managing diabetes as well as diagnosing diabetes. This panel is made up of multiple tests including the complete blood count (CBC) test, the hemoglobin A1c test, and the diabetic urinalysis. The results of these tests will help to provide helpful insight into the individual’s health including checking for blood disorders, prediabetes, kidney function, and more. This panel is recommended to those with a family history of diabetes. Schedule your diabetes maintenance panel with Medical Mobile Services today.

    FSH Testing Houston

    Our Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) test is used to measure the amount of FSH, a sex hormone produced by the pituitary gland, in an individual’s blood. In women, the FSH stimulates the production of eggs as well as a hormone called estradiol during the first half of the menstrual cycle. In men, the (FSH) stimulates the production of sperm. Learn more about your health with Medical Mobile Services.

    Glucose Test in Houston

    Our glucose test, also known as a Fasting Blood Glucose Test, is the most common test used to diagnose hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, and diabetes. This test is commonly given during annual checkups as well as during pregnancy. Additionally, many diabetics monitor their own glucose levels throughout the day in order to stay in a healthy glucose range and identify potential triggers for high or low glucose levels. Schedule your glucose test with Medical Mobile Services today.

    Hemoglobin A1C Testing Houston

    Our Hemoglobin A1c Test is a direct measure of the overall blood glucose levels in an individual over a set period of time, typically ranging between 2‐3 months. This test can be used to help detect pre‐diabetes as well as diagnose diabetes. For those living with diabetes, this test can be valuable in helping to determine if the disease is being properly managed and under control. Schedule your hemoglobin A1c with the team at Medical Mobiles Services to monitor your blood glucose levels over the last two months.

    Testosterone Testing Houston

    Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in large quantities in males, and smaller quantities in females. This hormone has an impact on sexual features and development. Testosterone levels rapidly grow in men after puberty and continue to increase until around the age of 40. Testosterone tests will help to determine the levels of testosterone in an individual’s blood. Schedule your testosterone test with Medical Mobile Services today to learn more about your testosterone production.

    Thyroid Testing Houston

    Our Thyroid Panel screens for thyroid disease, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism by analyzing an individual’s production of the thyroid hormones. An underactive thyroid will lead to hypothyroidism, while an overactive thyroid will lead to hyperthyroidism. Changes in weight, blood pressure, and more may be indicators of a thyroid condition. If you are interested in learning more about your thyroid schedule a thyroid panel with Mobile Medical Services today.

    TSH Testing Houston

    The thyroid gland is in control of regulating how an individual’s body uses energy. The thyroid also produces hormones vital to healthy cell and system functioning. Our Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) test is used to check the production of TSH and helps screen for thyroid disease, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism. This test is included in the thyroid panel or can be a stand-alone test. Learn more about how the team at Medical Mobile Services can help you monitor your health when you schedule an appointment!

    Food Allergy Testing Houston

    Many people live with allergies, causing their body to create antibodies for many common food substances. This can result in a wide range of symptoms that are associated with typical allergic reactions. Some allergies can be extreme enough to result in anaphylactic shock or even be fatal. Knowing which foods are important to avoid can help protect you and give you the insight needed to monitor what you eat. Schedule your basic food allergy test with Medical Mobile Services to protect yourself from future allergic reactions.