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    Student COVID-19 Testing Houston

    Many school campuses are remaining closed as the fight against COVID-19 in our communities continues. Some campuses are choosing to open up with precautions put in place to help lower the potential exposure of this highly contagious virus. At Medical Mobile Services we provide student COVID-19 testing in Houston. This includes on-campus COVID-19 testing, as well as at home COVID-19 testing. If you are a student who fears you may have been exposed to this virus or are a school representative trying to make COVID-19 accessible to your students, our team can help you. Contact us today to learn more about the types of COVID-19 testing we provide and to schedule an appointment for your test.

    Student Drug Testing Houston

    In some situations, a drug test may be required in order to enroll in certain school programs, or in other special circumstances. At Medical Mobile Services, we provide convenient and accurate student drug testing in Houston. We also provide legal drug testing which meets the high standards put in place to be verified and used in legal cases. We are discreet and protect the privacy of all of the individuals we screen for drugs. If you are in need of a student drug test, contact us to learn about your options. We are fully mobile and able to administer drug tests on campus, at home, and more. Schedule your student drug test with Mobile Medical Services today.

    Titer Test Houston

    A titer is a lab test that is used to measure the presence and amount of antibodies to certain illnesses in an individual’s blood. A titer may be used to prove immunity to disease in the event that a student or individual is unable to provide evidence of their vaccination history. This test is completed with a blood sample that is taken and tested. If the test is positive (above a particular known value) the individual has immunity to the illnesses tested for including but not limited to MMR, varicella, and rabies. Schedule your titer test in Houston with Medical Mobile Services today to test for your immunity.

    Titers Testing in Houston

    Titers is a test that uses a sample of blood to determine if an individual is immune to certain illnesses including but not limited to MMR, varicella, and rabies. These tests are helpful for individuals who are unsure if they have been vaccinated against these diseases, as well as for those who are unable to provide a vaccination history but need one to enroll in school or travel.

    Hepatitis A, B and C Testing Houston

    It is important for students and individuals alike to be tested for hepatitis A, B, and C if they believe they have been exposed to these viruses or are displaying symptoms of them. At Medical Mobile Services, we provide a full hepatitis panel which allows individuals to be tested for all 3 forms of hepatitis at one time.

    Drug and Alcohol Testing Houston

    Drug and alcohol testing can be done to detect the use of these substances within a certain timeframe. Our testing is accurate and discreet in order to protect the privacy of the student or individual tested. If you are getting tested in order to enroll in a specialized class or program, we can provide you with a legally compliant authenticated copy of your results.

    Nicotine Testing Houston

    Detecting the presence of nicotine can be done for 3-4 days after the last time it was introduced into the body through urine analysis. We provide nicotine testing for students and individuals. If you are looking for convenient and affordable nicotine testing in Houston contact Medical Mobile Services.

    Sickle Cell Testing for Athletes Houston

    Student-athletes participating in sports are required to provide confirmation of sickle cell trait status. If you need a recent screening in order to provide your status, Medical Mobile Services can help. We offer the most convenient lab screening tests for students, including sickle cell screening for athletes.