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    Legal DNA testing Houston

    When you need DNA testing results for a legal matter that requires verification, the team at Medical Mobile Services can help you. We take all of the necessary measures in order to authenticate your DNA test results, including taking fingerprints and photos. Our process is simple and affordable as well as completely mobile for your convenience. Our team will help you through the process to ensure that your results are able to be used for amendments to birth certificates, family legal matters, and more. We put the privacy of our clients at the top of our priorities, in order to ensure the protection of your personal information. If you are looking for the best legal DNA testing in Houston, contact Medical Mobile Services today. We will walk you through the steps to ensure you have all of the proper information in place to certify your results.

    Legal Alcohol Testing Houston

    In some situations, being tested for the use of alcohol may need to be verified in order to be used as legal proof of sobriety. At Medical Mobile Services, we are in compliance with all legal guidelines in order to ensure the results of your test are verified to the highest extent so that they can be used as an official record. Our alcohol screening process is convenient, accurate, and affordable to make accessibility simple. We always protect the privacy of our clients in order to protect their personal information. If you have any questions about our legal alcohol testing in Houston, contact us today. We will explain the process of verifying your alcohol screening results, so that you can have a verified copy of your results to use in court, work, or other situations that require authentication.

    Legal Drug Testing Houston

    If you are in need of a drug test for court, work, or another situation that requires your results to be verified, the team at Medical Mobile Services can help. We provide simple and accurate legal drug testing in Houston in compliance with all guidelines for verification. When you work with us for your drug screening in Houston, you will be able to use the results of your drug test as an official record. Our drug screening process is discreet in order to protect the privacy of our clients. If you have any questions or concerns about our legal drug testing services, contact us today, We can go over the process with you in order to ensure you have all of the information you need to provide legal documentation of your drug test results.

    Lab Testing for Court Houston

    Many times, individuals seeking lab testing for court will work with a private lab in order to provide verified results of drug and alcohol screenings. At Medical Mobile Services we make the process of authenticating this testing simple by following the guidelines needed to verify the results of lab work for court or other legal matters. If you are in need of lab testing for court, schedule an appointment with our team.

    Lab Team Can Help You Comply and Compete Houston

    If you are in need of a verified DNA, drug, or STD screening, our mobile lab team can help you comply and complete the testing in order to use your results in legal settings. This can be helpful for court and workplace testing. If you need legally authenticated lab results, schedule an appointment with Medical Mobile Services today. Our team follows all guidelines needed in order for you to certify your results.

    Lab Testing for Law Firms Houston

    If you are an attorney looking to have your client complete a DNA, drug, or alcohol test, our team can help you. We provide certified lab testing for law firms and individuals in order to ensure the results of their tests are accurate and verified. Schedule an appointment with us today to get your lab testing completed and certified.