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    Chronic Care Management Houston

    For patients living with chronic illnesses, getting regular lab testing done may be a helpful tool for monitoring their condition. Lab testing can help to determine if treatment is effective, if the condition is worsening, or if it is being properly managed. If you have a chronic illness that requires frequent monitoring, Mobile Medical Services can help you. We provide affordable, accurate, and convenient lab testing for a wide range of levels in the body. This includes monitoring blood glucose levels, thyroid function, and more. Lab testing plays a vital role in long term management in patients living with chronic illness. If you are looking for mobile chronic care management in Houston, our team can help by coming to you for all of your lab testing needs. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide and how we can help you take charge of your health.

    Extended Care Testing Houston

    For some health conditions, continued monitoring of an illness will be necessary in order to track progress of the illness and to determine if the treatment method being used is effective. At Medical Mobile Services we provide extended care testing in Houston, to make lab work easier than ever before. Our team will travel to you, wherever you are within our service area, to provide accurate and safe lab testing for your needs. Most of our lab tests have results ready within 24-72 hours. Make sure you are staying on top of your lab work in order to properly manage your healthcare needs. If you are looking for convenient and affordable lab testing, contact us today. All of the lab tests we provide are available without a doctor’s order or insurance.

    Physician Lab Testing Houston

    While all of the tests we provide at Medical Mobile Services are available without a doctor’s order, our team can help patients who have received an order get the test they need. Our team makes it convenient for all patients by providing mobile on-site lab testing at your home, business, school, and more. Schedule your physician ordered lab testing in Houston with our team today. We offer a wide range of different lab tests that can help you monitor your health. Whether you are looking for early detection of a health problem or you have a chronic illness that requires continued monitoring, we can help you! Contact us to learn more about the lab tests we provide.

    How do I get a physician referral?

    If you schedule an appointment with a physician and they determine lab testing is needed in order to learn more about your health, they will provide you with a list of tests that you need. At Medical Mobile Services in Houston, we do not require physician referrals in order to get any of the lab testing we provide.

    Can I get medical lab work without seeing a doctor?

    At Medical Mobile Services we work to provide accessible and accurate lab testing to everyone. All of the tests we provide are available to anyone, at any time, without the need to see a physician first.

    Why are doctor referrals important?

    Doctor referrals can be helpful for those who are experiencing health issues and are unsure of the source. Your doctor will be able to help you to determine which tests are relevant to your symptoms in order to get helpful information about your health.