Medical Lab Testing Dallas TX

Medical Lab Testing Dallas TX

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    Drug Screening Dallas TX

    At Medical Mobile Services, we provide 5-panel and 10-panel drug tests for individuals and groups. Whether you are a parent testing your child, a business owner testing your employees, or an attorney trying to gather evidence that your client has not used drugs, our team can help you! We provide on-site drug screening in Dallas, TX, and throughout the state of Texas. We value our clients ’ privacy and keep all testing discreet and confidential to protect their personal information. You do not need a doctor’s order or insurance in order to get tested. With Medical Mobile Services the lab comes to you for the ultimate convenience. If you are interested in learning more about the drug screening process or would like to schedule a drug screening contact us today.

    Wellness Testing Dallas TX

    Individuals of all ages can greatly benefit from having annual wellness testing done to provide them with insight into the function of their body. At Medical Mobile Services, we make it easy for individuals to access a wide range of wellness testing in Dallas, TX. We offer dozens of lab tests without the need for insurance or doctor’s orders for easy access. If you are feeling under the weather, our team can help you to determine which lab screenings best fit your specific needs. We test everything from standard levels in the body to hormone levels and glucose tracking. If you are ready to take control of your health, our team can help you! Contact us today to learn more about the lab tests we offer and to schedule an appointment for your lab tests with our team. We value your privacy and keep all results confidential for your protection.

    Business Testing Solutions Dallas TX

    These days more than ever before, businesses are looking for new solutions to keep their staff healthy and to reduce the risk of viruses spreading throughout their company. At Medical Mobile Services we make it easy for employers by providing on-site vaccinations, drug tests, and wellness screenings for the entire staff. Our team will travel to your company to provide accessible workplace lab testing solutions in Dallas, TX for your company. Help protect your employees with flu shots or schedule a COVID-19 test for the entire staff when you fear an outbreak at your company. All of our lab tests are safe with accurate results that are typically available within 24-72 hours. Schedule your workplace lab testing with Medical Mobile Services today!