Medical Lab Testing El Paso TX

Medical Lab Testing El Paso TX

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    Drug Screening El Paso TX

    At Medical Mobile Services our team provides simple and accurate drug testing for a wide range of substances. Whether you are a parent concerned about your child, a business needing to screen your employees, or an individual trying to bring certified drug test results to a legal matter, our team can help you! We provide fast and affordable drug screenings in El Paso, TX. If you need your test to be verified for legal reasons, that is not a problem because we follow guidelines to ensure your test can be used. Our lab testing services are entirely mobile, meaning we bring the lab to you! If you are interested in scheduling a single drug test or a drug test for a group our team can help you. Schedule your fast and easy drug screening in El Paso, TX with Medical Mobile Services today.

    Wellness Testing El Paso TX

    At Medical Mobile Services, we make it easy for individuals of all ages to track and monitor their health without the need for insurance or doctor’s appointments. The lab tests we offer provide helpful insight into the function and wellbeing of individuals at all stages of their life. We offer a variety of tests to support your well-being, wherever you are, whenever you are ready with our wellness testing in El Paso, TX. We do everything from testing standards levels in the body to viral testing and glucose monitoring. If you are ready to take control of your health, our team can help! Contact us to learn more about the lab tests we offer and to schedule an appointment for your lab tests. Our team values your privacy by providing discreet services for your protection.

    Business Testing Solutions El Paso TX

    For business owners, keeping their staff healthy and drug-free is a priority. At Medical Mobile Services we make it simple by providing on-site medical screenings, flu vaccines, COVID-19 testing, as well as drug testing. All of our tests are performed quickly, with results typically being available within 24-72 hours after the test has been taken. Protect your staff with the help of Medical Mobile Services for the best business testing solutions available in El Paso, TX. Protect your staff with easy and accurate business health screenings. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide and how we can help you keep your company’s staff healthy.