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    Drug Screening Houston

    At Medical Mobile Services, we make it simple to get 5-panel and 10-panel drug tests for individuals and groups. Whether you are a parent testing a child, a business owner screening your employees, or a lawyer gathering proof that your client is not using drugs, our team can help you! We provide on-site drug screening in Houston, TX, and throughout the state of Texas. Our clients ’ privacy is a priority for us. We keep all testing discreet and confidential to protect their personal information and results. A doctor’s order and insurance coverage are not required in order to get tested with Medical Mobile Services. When you schedule a drug screening with us the lab comes to you for the ultimate convenience. If you are interested in learning more about the drug screening process or would like to schedule a drug screening contact us today.

    Wellness Testing Houston

    Preserving your health and wellness is the most important thing anyone can do to maintain their quality of life. At Medical Mobile Services, we make it simple for individuals to gain access to all the medical testing they need to monitor their general health without insurance or a physician’s orders. Our team provides many different common wellness tests in Houston, TX to bring insight into the function and overall wellness of individuals at all stages of life. If you are experiencing symptoms you would like to monitor we can help you to determine which tests may provide clues into uncovering what is happening with your body. Contact our team today to take control of your health!

    Business Testing Solutions Houston

    For business owners, maintaining a healthy and drug-free staff is a top priority. At Medical Mobile Services we make it easy to do this by providing on-site medical screenings, flu vaccines, COVID-19 testing, and 5 and 10-panel drug screenings. All of our lab tests are performed quickly, with results being available within 24-72 hours after the test has been completed. Keep your staff safe with the help of Medical Mobile Services. We provide the most reliable business testing solutions available in Houston, TX. All of our tests are confidential in order to keep your employees’ personal information safe. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide and how we can help you keep your company’s staff healthy.