Medical Lab Testing Killeen TX

Medical Lab Testing Killeen TX

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    Drug Screening Killeen TX

    At Medical Mobile Services our team provides easy and reliable drug screening for all commonly used substances. Whether you are a parent testing your child, a business needing to screen your employees, or an individual trying to bring certified drug test results to a legal matter, our staff can help you! We provide fast and accessible drug screenings in Killeen, TX. We follow all guidelines in order to ensure your drug test results are verified and able to be used for legal reasons. Our lab testing services are entirely mobile, meaning we bring the lab to you for on-site, convent testing! If you are interested in scheduling a single drug test or a drug test for multiple people our team can help you. Schedule your fast and easy drug screening in Killeen, TX with Medical Mobile Services today.

    Wellness Testing Killeen TX

    Medical Mobile Services provides a wide range of wellness testing in Killeen, TX. These lab screenings are helpful for individuals of all ages that are looking to gain insight into the function and health of their body. Our team makes it simple for anyone to access these wellness tests because we travel to our patients with our fully mobile services and do not require insurance or a doctor’s orders. We provide a wide range of lab tests, including STD testing, general health tests, and more. If you are ready to take charge of your health, we can help you! Contact us to learn more about the lab tests we offer and to schedule an appointment for your lab tests with our team. We value the privacy of our clients and keep all results confidential for their protection.

    Business Testing Solutions Killeen TX

    Business owners are searching for innovative methods to help keep their staff healthy and to reduce the potential spread of infectious viruses to promote a safe working environment. At Medical Mobile Services we make it easy to get on-site vaccinations, drug tests, and wellness screenings for your staff. Our team travels to your company to provide the best workplace lab testing solutions in Killeen, TX. Help protect your employees with flu shots or schedule a COVID-19 test for the entire staff when you choose to work with our team. All of our tests are safe and accurate, with most results being available within 24-72 hours. Schedule your workplace lab testing with Medical Mobile Services today!