Medical Lab Testing Texarkana TX

Medical Lab Testing Texarkana TX

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    Drug Screening Texarkana TX

    There are many different situations that can cause an individual to need a drug screening from a lab testing facility and we have got you covered for all of them! Our team provides confidential and reliable drug screenings in Texarkana, TX. Our drug screenings are quick and confidential in order to protect your privacy. If you are using your drug test results in court or for other matters that require verification, we can ensure they meet all guidelines in order to be used. Our team offers both 5 and 10-panel drug screenings to meet your needs. When you choose Medical Mobile Services the lab comes to you with our on-site testing. Whether you are looking for a single drug screening or are in need of a group drug screening, we can help! Contact us to learn more about the drug screening process and to set up your appointment today.

    Wellness Testing Texarkana TX

    The wellness testing in Texarkana, TX offered by Medical Mobile Services is beneficial for individuals looking for insight into the function of their body. Our team makes it easy for individuals to access these tests because we bring the lab to our patients with our fully mobile services. We provide a wide range of lab tests without the need for insurance or doctor’s orders. Including STD testing, general health tests, and more. If you are ready to take control of your health, we can help! Contact our team today to learn more about the lab tests we offer and to schedule an appointment for your lab tests with our team. We value your privacy and keep all results confidential for your protection.

    Business Testing Solutions Texarkana TX

    In order for a business to operate in a functional and profitable way, it will need a healthy staff. With viral infections and other health concerns a growing concern, Medical Mobile Services can help keep your business proactive. We provide business owners with simple and affordable on-site medical testing, drug screenings, and flu vaccines. We offer both individual and group screenings to fit your specific needs. Our team travels to your company to provide the best workplace lab testing solutions in Texarkana, TX. Help keep your staff healthy this year with flu shots or schedule a COVID-19 test for the entire staff when you choose to work with our team. All of our tests are safe and accurate, with most results being available within 24-72 hours. Schedule your workplace lab testing with Medical Mobile Services today!