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    On-Site Workplace Flu Vaccines Houston

    More than ever, business owners are looking for new solutions to keep their employees healthy and protected from contagious viruses. Medical Mobile Services makes this easy, by bringing vaccines to your location! We provide on-site workplace flu vaccines in Houston. Whether you own a small business with a limited number of employees or operate a large business with dozens of employees, our team can help you. Flu vaccines are recommended by physicians to most adults unless specifically told otherwise by a physician. Don’t leave it up to your employees to get vaccinated on their own, instead bring the flu vaccine to them with our simple and affordable mobile flu vaccines for businesses in Houston. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep your staff healthy this cold and flu season.

    On-Site Workplace Drug Testing Houston

    For many industries, businesses need to ensure employees are not under the influence of a controlled substance in order to avoid potential hazards. At Medical Mobile Services we make it easy to screen your employees by offering on-site workplace drug testing in Houston. Our team travels to your workplace to provide safe, accurate, and affordable drug testing for your employees. Whether you have a small number of employees or a large number of employees, we can quickly test your employees for drug usage. Our results come back quickly to provide the most convenience to your company. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you make workplace drug screening in Houston simple for your business.

    On-Site Workplace COVID-19 Testing Houston

    With the continued spread of the highly contagious COVID-19 virus in our communities, business owners are looking for new ways to protect their employees while also continuing to operate. Medical Mobile Services is helping to make this as simple as possible by providing on-site workplace COVID-19 testing in Houston. We can quickly and safely travel to your workplace and test your employees for COVID-19. This can be beneficial to help lessen the impact of exposure to the virus in the workplace. If you believe your employees have been exposed to COVID-19, or simply would like to provide testing at your business, we can help. Contact our team today to learn more about the COVID-19 testing options we provide.

    On-Site Screen Test Houston

    At Medical Mobile Services we provide on-site screenings for businesses in order to simplify lab testing. Instead of sending your employees to a secondary location, bring the testing to them with our reliable on-site screening in Houston. Whether you are screening for health, drugs, or the presence of a virus, our team can help you. Schedule your company’s on-site screenings with our team today.

    Remote Screen Test Houston

    The team at Medical Mobile Services is dedicated to providing remote screenings for your convenience. Whether you would like us to travel to your business and screen your employees, travel to the private residence of an employee, or have a more specific lab testing request, we will work to accommodate your needs the best we can. Schedule your company’s remote screenings in Houston today.

    Employer Health and Wellness Testing Houston

    Ensuring your employees are healthy and capable of performing the tasks required of them is vital to keeping your business operating smoothly. This is why the team at Medical Mobile Services offers employee health and wellness assessments in Houston. We make it simple by providing fully mobile health and wellness assessments to businesses.

    Wellness Testing Houston

    Are you interested in screening your employees to help promote their health and wellness? If so, the team at Medical Mobile Services in Houston can help you! We offer commonly ordered wellness tests for businesses of all sizes in order to help them ensure their employees are capable of performing the necessary tasks associated with their job, and that they are protecting their health.